Competition to Design Pitzhanger Poster!

Poster Competition For children and young people ages 3-16 We are looking for talented young artists to design an eye-catching poster to celebrate the reopening of Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery in Spring 2019, and encourage children and their families to visit. Taking inspiration from Pitzhanger Manor, located in the centre of Ealing, and the story... Continue Reading →


Behind the Scenes at Pitzhanger

Earlier this year we made a short series of films about Pitzhanger Manor's restoration, to take you behind the hoardings and uncover the recent project. The Manor has seen an amazing transformation, taking it back to Soane's designs for the first time in over 150 years. You can see all the videos here, and be sure... Continue Reading →

Wreath making in Walpole

Date workshop/s took place: Thursday 14th December Numbers: 31 adults 4 children Activity plan audience and subject-line: Community   Pitzhanger worked in partnership with the Friends of Walpole Park to offer a free community wreath making workshop in the park. Adults and children could drop in and make a christmas wreath out of foliage from... Continue Reading →

Brentside High – Into Architecture

Date workshop/s took place: 5th December 2017 Numbers: 13 children 2 adults Activity plan audience and subject-line: Schools KS4/5 session trialled   Learning objective/s: To introduce young people to architecture and design, city planning and functionality of buildings and spaces. To encourage collaboration To give young people the experience of working to a brief, creating... Continue Reading →

The Big Draw in Walpole Park

Date workshop/s took place: Saturday 28th October Numbers: 170 people Activity plan audience and subject-line: Family Learning It was the Big Draw 2017 on Saturday and our artist, Lynn Weddle, came up with a plan for families to collect leaves from the Park and turn them into a large collage of a skulls on the... Continue Reading →

A brief history of Pitzhanger

Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery is a house of national significance, most notably due to it’s most famous resident architect, Sir John Soane. The manor has evolved through history, becoming first a residence, public library, then an arts and heritage venue. It is now being restored to its 18th century glory, boasting Soane’s vision of Neo-classical... Continue Reading →

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