Brentside High – Into Architecture

Date workshop/s took place: 5th December 2017

Numbers: 13 children 2 adults

Activity plan audience and subject-line: Schools KS4/5 session trialled


Learning objective/s:

  • To introduce young people to architecture and design, city planning and functionality of buildings and spaces.
  • To encourage collaboration
  • To give young people the experience of working to a brief, creating a building that is beautiful and functional
  • To allow young people to gain insight into architecture as a career or as a subject to study in FE.

Description of activity:

Architect Kimberly Scott spoke to pupils about her career as an architect, explaining her day to day working life and the how her career had developed. She discussed the skills needed, and gave the young people clear and practical advice on developing a portfolio and applying for design-based courses at FE level. She also talked about the wide-variety of careers available in her sector and took part in a Q&A.

Kimberley presented some case studies, including her most recent project designing the cross-rail station at Tottenham court road. Pupils then looked at the plans for the Ealing Broadway crossrail station, considering what problems the architects might have faced and how they overcame them. They also considered the impact on the local area and how architects might work with city planners.

Pupils were introduced to Soane and Pitzhanger, considering the significance of the building and exploring how architects are working to restore the site while developing new areas such as the cafe and the lodge to attract a wider audience.

Finally pupils were set a brief to create their own dream building inspired by Pitzhanger and the presentation. They made quick sketches and used found materials to create small models to present back to the rest of the class.

Evaluation carried out and where evaluation material is stored:

  • Numbers recorded
  • Photographs taken
  • Pupil evaluation completed

Stored in sharedrive and in HLF folder.


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