Behind the Scenes at Pitzhanger

Earlier this year we made a short series of films about Pitzhanger Manor’s restoration, to take you behind the hoardings and uncover the recent project. The Manor has seen an amazing transformation, taking it back to Soane’s designs for the first time in over 150 years. You can see all the videos here, and be sure to look out for a few more in the coming months.

entrance hsll
Pitzhanger Director Clare Gough in the Entrance Hall, before its transformative restoration

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust Director Clare Gough takes you behind the scenes in the new conservatory, the Eating Room, the Entrance Hall and the north facade, revealing some extraordinary discoveries made during the project, from historic graffiti to killer paint…

eating room 1
The Eating Room ceiling


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The Conservatory on Pitzhanger’s West facade, mid-construction

Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery Trust would like to thank Alex Cumming, who generously donated his time and skills to the production of these videos. You can find out more about Alex’s work here.



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